Two Too Blue

We are both feeling blue this Sinful Sunday. Silverdrop is spending September in the USA with her family, and I shall be left alone with our silly little dog.

Silverdrop is feeling blue. Her passport is blue. The discrete bullet vibe she’s taking with her is blue-ish.

The bedding is pale blue.

I am feeling blue. My FleshLight is err, not blue.


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Sinful Sunday

18 thoughts on “Two Too Blue

  1. mariasibylla

    I hope SilverDrop has a nice visit and that she’ll be back to you safe and soon. I love when you do these little vignettes of objects.

  2. Jo

    You’ll be back together before you know it. Just keep talking every day and keep the reunion in mind! <3

  3. KP

    Made me smile, but also sad for your predicament. Sorry you’re feeling a little blue, but absence makes the heart… etc

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