Well Sucked and Pinched

Last week on Sinful Sunday it was prompt week: Overexposed.

I almost used this image of Silverdrop’s cold, sucked, and well-pinched nipple.

Do you like it?


NB. WordPress seems to think I am spam. I comment on other Sinful Sunday blogs when I participate. Please check your spam folders.

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16 thoughts on “Well Sucked and Pinched

  1. Exposing40

    That is indeed beautifully puckered. I haven’t had a comment from you, but I also haven’t been able to find you in my spam because at the moment I’m getting about 500 car insurance messages A WEEK so people I actually know who slip into spam get lost. Sorry! Xx

  2. Malflic

    I do like it.

    Also fyi I found about 5 other folks who had the same problem with WP a few weeks back. Once i moved you all to not spam comments have been going through fine again.

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