Eye Can See You

So this week on Sinful Sunday is prompt week: Overexposed.

Silverdrop thinks this is a little freaky. I think it goes with Halloween and the prompt.

What say you?



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20 thoughts on “Eye Can See You

  1. Bee

    I think the darkness of your eye and the over exposed paleness of your skin combined does create a creepy feel. But I like creepy things so all is good.

  2. Aurora Glory

    Definitely a little freaky but damn I love it! The eyes are the window to the soul, and as such this photo is both powerful and intimate! Really fantastic!
    Aurora x

  3. May More

    I think its the fact its overexposed has changed your eye colour – to me its a great shot – I am loving how having the extra light changes the skin tone – very effective

  4. Exposing40

    I was just thinking I hadn’t seen you on Sinful Sunday for a while and checked in on your site this week. Glad to see you posting! Great shot. Eyes are so revealing and intimate. Xx

  5. kissmegoodnitex

    I love eyes so this really popped out for me. Great pic and well taken xx

  6. Molly

    The contrast of the darkness of your eye and the over exposed brightness of your skin is really fascinating. There is something a little freaky about it for sure


  7. Violet

    I think it’s great – there’s something about how delicate the overexposure makes your skin, yet our iris is so intense and commanding, which is much more how I think of you. It’s an interesting contrast!

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