Silverdrop is pouring us a soda into freezy mugs. I am standing close behind her. One of my hands is holding the phone.

My other hand is being completely innocent.

This happens most days.

NB. WordPress sometimes seems to think I am a spammer – perhaps because I sometimes talk about our personal experience with Viagra here. I always comment on all Sinful Sunday posts during the weeks I participate. Please check your spam folders.


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23 thoughts on “Soda?

  1. Rebecca

    I love this, its fun, clever and brings a joyous smile. I know you and Silverdrop conquer adversity with smiles, humour and love. You are a shining example. Thank you for sharing xxx

  2. Indigo Byrd

    A likely story (innocent hands I mean) or is it wishful thinking – my aging eyes cannot make it out dammit!
    It always amuses me how blokes love the opportunities presented by a woman with both hands occupied and her back to you. And of course we really ‘hate’ it when you do take up the opportunities too…

  3. elliott henry

    I guess they think I’m one too, as my comments do not appear on some people’s blogs and do on others. Who knows, maybe I’m in your spam as well. Now I have to really concentrate on that reflection to see that two-handed soda pour and what you are wearing.


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