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SinfulSunday: Before and After.

I am almost 57. Various health conditions and medications mean that I have slowly begun to suffer from a degree of ED (Erectile Dysfunction). I could get an erection, but it often wasn’t sufficiently hard for penetrative sex – especially anal.

So I went to the Doc’s this week.




Then yeeehargghhh!

10 years since I was this hard!

PS. They work!

Silverdrop: That caption is misleading. Round one we were far too invested in events to take pictures. Afterwards, we got dressed again, and while sitting across the table from one another at lunch, SilverDom got that hard while we were simply talking about how it went. I asked how long it had been since he’d gotten hard just talking about sex, without any visual or tactile stimulation. It’s been years. Anyway, after lunch, I took pictures, and he had a wank.

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Sinful Sunday

SinfulSunday: Beginning

What better way to celebrate Sinful Sunday than by having sex. Which is exactly what we did last Sunday morning. This was taken just as we snuggled up ready for some PIA – our favourite form of penetrative sex. I am happy with the blurring of my right arm/hand – I was stroking Silverdrop when the shutter fired.  🙂

Also, #moremeninsinfulsunday!



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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – A Captured Moment of ‘Pure’ Pleasure

We had sex today.

“Big deal!” you might say. But when you’re both disabled with painful conditions, it can be quite hard (no intentional pun) to have penetrative sex, or indeed any flavour of sex, with each other. We both often masturbate, usually together, but not always.

This afternoon (Saturday), Silverdrop had the We-Vibe Tango between her labia while I showered. I think she was reading some spanking stories on Literotica.

She announced her butt was available for anal sex, which was something of a “Yehargh!” moment for both of us. She’d already had two orgasms while I showered, which left everything relaxed for anal. Unusually, she didn’t orgasm again from being fucked. This left her in search of her third orgasm of the session and she got the Pure Wand stainless steel dildo out, inserted it, and rocked back and forth on it.

She found her fourth orgasm.

I took this picture afterwards. We think it’s rather good.

(Click to supersize)



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Sinful Sunday

#WickedWednesday – So I Asked SilverHubby About "No." …

And this is what he said …

No. Two letters. Often assumed to mean something negative. Wiki’s dictionary (Wicktionary) has a longer and more complex entry than one might expect for such a tiny word. But let’s look at what I think when I consider “No.”

  • It sometimes means “Stop that right now. I am deadly serious.” And, if you carry on, you are breaking the law/an asshole/going to be looking for a new playmate, potentially. There have been rapists who have ignored the word with this meaning. Personal examples:
    • One time when I’d forgotten the antibiotics Silverdrop was on meant her contraceptive pill could not be relied on and, in the heat of the moment, went to enter her without a condom on (I think we actually switched to anal) – she certainly wanted me to stop.
  • Sometimes, e.g. during sex or a scene, “No!” actually means “If you stop doing that now I will kill you!”  Personal examples:
    • The first time I fucked another man – and he didn’t want me to stop.
    • The time I went down on a woman who had never experienced cunnilingus before – she didn’t want me to stop either.
    • The first time a former lover saw the bullwhip I’d been practising on and intended to use on her – she actually meant “That thing terrifies me, but if I don’t try it I will regret it forever.”
  • Sometimes, when I threaten Silverdrop with a particularly mean toy (pinwheel to the soles of her feet will do this) it means “OMFG, you’re going to make me submit to you doing that to me?”
  • I have heard it as often as “Yes, yes, yes, yes.” from a partner getting close to orgasm. What does it mean then? That the sensations are so strong they’re overwhelming.
  • I heard it as an exclamation of surprise/shock/lust the first time the first time a former lover saw my erect cock, and she certainly didn’t mean it in a negative way. I’m not showing off, just stating a fact. (Silverdrop: You’re showing off a little. *kiss*)

Who’d have thought that such a little word could have so many nuances? I have only touched the surface here, of course. I have done my best to muddy the waters in my usual way.

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From the Toybox Review: Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Dildo – Pegging Review

 Each Friday, we review a sextoy that’s either sponsored by a manufacturer or retailer, or an item we choose ourselves from Silverdrop’s Toybox.

Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan Dildo – Pegging Review

Disclosure: This item was provided free of charge by in exchange for a free and honest review, and we accepted it on that basis.

A pinkish-tan realistic silicone dildo modelled from porn star Brent Corrigan

We reviewed the Brent Corrigan dildo a few weeks back as a handheld dildo for use on me. This week, we review how it works out as a pegging dildo, having recently tried it out on SilverHubby.

The Good:

  • 100% silicone
  • SilverHubby: “That’s one fine looking cock!”

 The Bad:

  • Size of balls and girth of shaft will make it difficult to fit in many pegging harnesses
  • The coronal ridge is very pronounced and it can feel uncomfortable on the way out

 The Neutral:

  • Very large
  • Extremely realistic
  • You’re gonna need a lot of lube


We managed to get it into the Spareparts Deuce harness, though it was a snug fit. Due to the thick balls, it would not fit in a 3 snap O-ring harness. We don’t own a 4 snap harness yet, but feel it could work in one. (If any manufacturers or retailers would like to send us one for review, please get in touch!) The thickness of the balls means that the heavy shaft does not droop as many strap-on dildos do – so visually this is quite appealing.

I’ve successfully pegged SilverHubby with the Tantus Feeldoe Slim, the O2 Mark, and the Vixskin Goodfella – and we have both enjoyed it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to take more than the head of the Brent Corrigan dildo, as it was just too thick for him to take, even though he was very relaxed and well lubed.

The Brent Corrigan dildo is an excellent dildos in so many ways, but I feel like its difficulty with harnesses lets it down when it comes to pegging. SilverHubby agrees and adds that its thickness means it is probably for experienced peggers, although he is hopeful of working up to it someday.

Pegging rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Overall rating:
5 out of 5 stars

Where to buy:

#ToyWithMeTuesday – Washing Up

We have a chrome drainer we use to park sex toys awaiting cleaning – it’s not always easy to summon up the energy to clean them straight after a thorough use, is it?  Anyway, here is the aftermath of a particularly long and intensive session last weekend.
That’s an awful lot of washing up to deal with!

Toy with me Tuesday
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#ToyWithMeTuesday – Afterwards

A number of commenters wondered how SilverHubby reacted when I walked into our bedroom equipped thus on Saturday evening. Well, his eyes went wide and lit up with lust. However, he then (rightly) pointed out that, much as he doesn’t ever think about anal or pegging,  he does only have only the one orifice available for this arrangement. I grinned.
He took the hint and took the harness from me and, removing the Brent Corrigan dildo (the larger one) of the two), tried to put the harness on while I looked forward to some serious double penetration play. Then it all went wrong. SilverHubby’s cock is somewhat longer than average, and much thicker, and he found he couldn’t get his erection through the ‘O’ ring! We waited for his to err, subside, and he could get it on. It then became very uncomfortable when his erection tried to return.  🙁
I had to settle for anal+manually thrusting one of our other toys in my cunt.
I shall try to enlarge the O-ring on the harness and we will try again.
Set aside for now  🙁

Toy with me Tuesday
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#SinfulSunday: Will Brent Mind?

We reviewed the Brent Corrigan dildo on Friday and it’s very good.

However, Brent is an actor in the gay porn industry.  Do you think he’ll mind the fact that his cock’s been in my butt?  (We’re guessing he won’t mind being in SilverHubby’s – which will be part 2 of the review)

The nude bottom of the female blogger Silverdrop, with a Brent Corrigan dildo lying across her crack.
Yes, that is my butt.
Sinful Sunday
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