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SilverHubby shown at the waist, clothed, his hands holding a collar.

Eroticon Meet and Greet (my jacket)

May I also refer you, dear reader, to this post.


NAME (and Twitter if you have one)

Steve, AKA @silverdomuk


What are you hoping to get out of Eroticon 2017?

Meeting people – putting faces to names. Also, some hints and tips on writing, because I am beginning to feel the itch again.


This years schedule at Eroticon is pretty full on but which 4 sessions do you already have marked down as ones you want to attend?

I can only make the Sunday, sadly. Silverdrop can’t make it at all, as she is recovering from surgery.

Whores of Yore is a must. I admire her work so much.

Blogging 102 looks very interesting

Rachael Kincaid’s session looks very interesting.

The branding session, as an onlooker, is an absolute must. (Don’t panic, Silverdrop)

I am also looking forward to hearing the various readers at the end of the day.

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Meeting My Jacket.

Hey, guess what?

Eroticon 2017


Sadly, only on Sunday. More sadly, Silverdrop can’t come, as she is recovering from surgery. She might be able to FaceTime in during a break to ‘meet’ some of you.

There is a rumour that one or two of you would like to meet my denim jacket, and its patches that tell some of my life story… thinking of Bee here, amongst others.  😉 My jacket is just dragging me along for the ride.

See you there!

SilverHubby and Silverdrop

Announcement: Hailing Frequencies (Temporarily?) Closed

It is with great sadness that we must announce that this blog is going on hiatus.

Those of you who read us regularly will have noticed that Silverdrop rarely posts here these days and we stopped reviewing sex toys months ago. We recently had dinner with the really quite lovely and not at all axe-murderish Molly and her husband DomSigns and Molly mentioned that she had noticed. Silverdrop explained that she only has so much non-resting energy a day, and that she has told me either I can have most of it, or the blog can. You might guess my choice.

I miss the times when the pair of us would have ‘conversations’ in posts, to the general amusement and apparent enjoyment of you, dear reader. Without that interaction, contributing here and the memes we love (SinfulSunday and Wicked Wednesday especially) has become a chore and rather less fun.

But, and it’s a big but, my physical condition is also very slowly worsening, so I too have less energy to give to things. I choose to spend the majority of that energy on Silverdrop – loving her and caring for her. I know you will understand. Consequently, we must PTP (Protect The Property) and reduce the number of ‘things’ on our To Do lists.

Together, always and all ways.


PS. We’ll still be around on Twitter as @SilverDomUK and @SilverdropUK, so expect the usual silliness there.

And click below to see who else is being sinful this SinfulSunday.

Sinful Sunday

SilverHubby and Silverdrop

A Big “Thankyou!” to JohnDStories

John is now officially our “Wow, what a nice guy!” superhero. Seriously, he’s a staggeringly nice man.

Upon hearing that we had a crappy old camera, and that a dying cellphone and laptop we had to replace would mean we couldn’t get a good camera until next year, he offered us his old DSLR. FOR FREE! To a good home of course.

It’s a Canon EOS 300D, with 18-55mm lens, three2gig CF cards (largest capacity it can handle), two batteries, charger, gadget bag and everything. At 6mp, it’s lower res than the iPhone 4s camera we’d just started using, but it’s still way superior to it because of its lens and ability to generate RAW format files. These are huge, and while the CF cards are small by today’s standards, they’ll still hold around 200 RAW files, which is enough for us.

So, anyway, this arrived Thursday morning.

He's a very nice man.

He’s a very nice man.

You should go look at John’s blog over at – he’s a very good writer.

Note: When we get a modern DSLR, probably next summer-ish now, we will want to pass on this camera to someone else who would appreciate it, and John agrees. We’ll post and Tweet about it when it’s ready to be adopted again.


The female blogger Silverdrop, shown from shoulders to waist, nude, with her long brown hair covering her breasts.

Breaking up with Religion – part 1

If there are Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover, there must be just as many ways for a devout person to leave their religion. Some relationships gradually erode over time until one person realizes there’s nothing left. Some have explosive fights and betrayals with a grand storming out.

A painting of a woman, her nudity covered by serpents, standing next to a tree and holding a fruit in her hand. A beam of light from above and behind the woman highlights her face, right arm, and fruit.For me, it was somewhere in between. I remember doubts going all the way back to childhood, when I realized the 6-day creation story didn’t account for dinosaurs. I wondered why God insisted on killing so many people in the Old Testament. I agonized about Hell, imagining all of my friends and teachers and neighbours who didn’t go to the right church suffering for eternity. I had a very vivid imagination. When Jabba the Hutt told his prisoners that they’d be digested in the Sarlaac for 1,000 years, I was terrified. That was far worse than just being killed! But then I remembered that Hell would be worse than that.

The big fights and betrayals though – that didn’t happen until later. Family tragedies, innocent people suffering – I won’t go into detail, except to say there was a child (not mine) and that child died. Everyone knows about grief. Everyone has a story of the first time they discovered that the world isn’t a safe place, that terrible things will happen no matter how good or how careful you are, and no matter who their protectors are.

When you expect an omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent being to have all the answers, your psyche takes a hit when you discover otherwise. And just like a person in a failed relationship who doesn’t want to admit it, I made excuses for my religion. Maybe God isn’t perfectly omnipotent. Maybe he wanted to prevent this from happening, but something worse would have happened if he did. Maybe this path really is the one with the greatest good. Maybe he isn’t perfectly omniscient. Maybe there are just too many people for him to handle every detail. Even though we’d all prayed so hard and had all the faith possible that the child would survive, he’d somehow looked away at the wrong moment.

Of the triad, the last thing I considered was “What if God isn’t omnibenevolent?” What would it look like to have a creator God who made everything, could see everything, could control everything, but wasn’t good? When tsunamis or hurricanes made the news, I imagined God as a kid with an ant-farm, pouring in water to watch them panic. I thought of gay people being told they were going to Hell for who they loved, and for everyone being told that they have to live by all these crazy strict rules about their own bodies and their own sexuality*. I considered what kind of God would give people the desire to have sex while forbidding them to do it.  I wondered why Adam and Eve would be punished just for wanting to know. They didn’t eat from the Tree of Evil, after all. It was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

I came to believe God was cruel. But somehow, in all my questioning and pain, the one thing I wouldn’t do was admit, “Maybe God doesn’t exist.”

To be continued

* See Shame and Redemption for more of how my upbringing screwed up my sexuality.



Announcement: Self-Hosting Here We Come!

We were planning to move to self-hosting later this year, and had purchased our domain name (with privacy) ready for the move. Then the ‘Blogspot hates sex bloggers’ thing started while we were on vacation and, while we haven’t had the e-mail of death from them yet, it’s doubtless coming.

So, we’re jumping to self-hosting before we’re pushed.

Normal service will be resumed just as soon as two conditions are met:

  1. We’ve moved and have at least a basic blog up and running under Word Press.
  2. We can get a working definition of what constitutes normal around here.

Laters (we estimate a week-ish), dudes and dudettes!

#WickedWednesday – So I Asked SilverHubby About Parties

And this is what he said …


I guess I should start by wishing Wicked Wednesday a very happy birthday, so consider that done.
Neither of us are much into parties. Certainly not this sort.
Headache time!
This is more our style.
An intimate meal with good friends.
Play parties are a different matter, of course – although we’ve not attended one yet in this country. Being able to lead your partner by her collar and leash into a room of fellow kinky people is very err, liberating. Harder these days, as it’s difficult to find somewhere with wheelchair access – the majority of get-togethers seem to happen in basements with only steps as access. *sighs*
Parties can also just be between the two of us. As on the occasion of my 42nd birthday, when we were still LDR and an ocean apart.
There was a cake, with candles.
You had to blow the candle out for me.
There was a gift.
Remind me: was the gift the thing inside the paper, or the lovely slut holding it?
There was even a party favour bag.
Was the favour inside the bag, or holding on to it?
All in all, that was a happy/sad but wonderful party. Of course, the birthday (and other) parties since we’ve been physically together have been rather more pleasant [quaint British understatement alert].
Then there is the party that goes on in my mouth and other places every time I taste you, but that would be far too rude to talk about on a sex blog, wouldn’t it?  🙂 


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