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Words – Always Kinky?

We were in an LDR years ago and we e-mailed, a lot. It wasn’t always squishy romantic stuff – hard though that is to believe from us. Sometimes, a throw-away comment (or question, in this case) would prompt a serious answer. As here:-

Silverdrop: Do you think in another life we were vanilla and conservative, but still very much in love and happy together? 

SilverHubby: I don’t know. I cannot imagine not being kinky – I have tried. My ex and I became mildly kinky very quickly – lots of role-playing, outdoor-risk-of-being-caught-sex etc. It progressed from there so, at least this time around, I have always been kinky. 

Either of us being vanilla would almost certainly have been a deal-breaker. As would either of us being a smoker, for example. How about you? Have you always been kinky?

The Things We Say …

Those of us who have experienced Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) know how intense/hot/emotional the e-mails can get. They can also get quite silly. SilverHubby has studied classics, and used to quote from time to time. Here’s a snippet from back in the day, when we were in an LDR.

  • Silverdrop: I think I will go back to thinking of you as “Eros”. You are certainly Sex personified. 

  • SilverHubby: And you are beautiful enough to be my Helen, but you twitch whenever I mention it. Do you feel your face would be damaged by launching a thousand ships? I prefer bottles of champagne myself but, if Homer says it was her face, who are we to argue with him/them?

We did mention that we can get quite silly, didn’t we?

Should we blush?


Cammies on the Floor have started naming (and shaming?) some of their favourite things, from their own blog and outside. We made it into March Madness.

*taking a bow*

It’s a jolly good blog – go take a look.

Written in haste on a holiday Monday here in the UK. Normal service will be resumed when we can figure out whatinthehell constitutes normal around here.

Should have used an Enhancer!

A few days ago, we spoke about the Evolved Vibrator Enhancer, an how it is particularly great for use when inserting things into your (or someone else’s) butt.

Lily, over at Dangerous Lilly, blogged about the carrot is not a dildo in which she mentions the vibrator enhancers and sounds a note of caution about not using vegetables as a penis substitute.  Great minds think alike.

BTW, you gotta love a blog with the tag line 50% bark, 100% bite.

TMI Tuesday: A Song for You

Answer the following questions using only song titles. Make sure you link to the song or the song’s lyrics so that we can listen to or read the song.

1. What is your present state of mind?

2. How do you feel about your spouse, significant other, or someone you lust for?

3. Describe your job.

4. What are you hungry for?

5. What’s your favorite color?

6. What gets you excited?

7. Who do you think you are?

Bonus: Describe your life. Feel free to elaborate on your song choice.

Nope… gonna let everyone draw their own interpretations.

Join in TMI Tuesday here