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#SinfulSunday – The Animal Place

Sometimes, I go so deeply into subspace that I enter what we call the ‘animal place’. I lose all speech, most of my intellect, and my eyes appear glazed. It can be scary. Sometimes it helps if I am muzzled.
In the animal place.

We’re on vacation, so this post won’t appear on the Sinful Sunday main page, but you should go check it out anyway.

Sinful Sunday
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Toy With Me Tuesday: Ankles

He put the leather ankle cuffs on me, and my level of arousal instantly shot up from a few sparks to a raging bonfire. Having my ankles handled feels so erotic, and I’m not sure exactly why. My best guess is that it has to do with how much power he has over my body at that instance.

The day we took this photo, we didn’t even use the wrist cuffs. They weren’t needed.

Toy with me Tuesday
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