SinfulSunday: Day Collar

Last weekend, Silverdrop and I went on a date. It was her turn to choose where. So we went on a charity shop scavenger hunt for her sewing projects.

We found this. It’s incredibly soft, and weighs almost nothing. Both these things are important, as her nervous system becomes unpleasantly overstimulated rather easily. It cost the princely sum of £3 (approx US$4)!

We love it. What do you think?

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Sinful Sunday

Making Things Accessible…

… is sometimes very simple.

Take Silverdrop’s new day collar, for example. The clasp, like so many, is very hard to use. More so if you’re disabled.

The solution? Add a magnetic clasp. Simples!


An image of this lovely collar will feature this Sinful Sunday – after I’ve collared her with it.  🙂

Silverdrop: He almost passed it by when we were shopping, until I reminded him that magnetic clasps exist. 😉

SinfulSunday: Before and After.

I am almost 57. Various health conditions and medications mean that I have slowly begun to suffer from a degree of ED (Erectile Dysfunction). I could get an erection, but it often wasn’t sufficiently hard for penetrative sex – especially anal.

So I went to the Doc’s this week.




Then yeeehargghhh!

10 years since I was this hard!

PS. They work!

Silverdrop: That caption is misleading. Round one we were far too invested in events to take pictures. Afterwards, we got dressed again, and while sitting across the table from one another at lunch, SilverDom got that hard while we were simply talking about how it went. I asked how long it had been since he’d gotten hard just talking about sex, without any visual or tactile stimulation. It’s been years. Anyway, after lunch, I took pictures, and he had a wank.

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Sinful Sunday

SinfulSunday: Beginning

What better way to celebrate Sinful Sunday than by having sex. Which is exactly what we did last Sunday morning. This was taken just as we snuggled up ready for some PIA – our favourite form of penetrative sex. I am happy with the blurring of my right arm/hand – I was stroking Silverdrop when the shutter fired.  🙂

Also, #moremeninsinfulsunday!



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Sinful Sunday

An Ode to Molly, This Birthday Mo(u)rn.

Silverdrop and I want to wish a very happy birthday to the wonderful bundle of humanity that is Molly! She gives – I kid you not – the most amazing hugs. And she’s an all-round jolly nice chap (being very British here), and has helped many people.

With apologies to non-Brit listeners for the full-on Glaswegian accent, here is a song by one of my favourite comedians ever, that definitely isn’t ‘Happy Birthday to You’! And not just because it’s to the tune of ‘What a Friend we Have in Jesus’.

Happy Birthday Molly!

A translation:

Oh Jesus Christ, I’m nearly forty
My pubic hair is going grey
I can’t cut the mustard like I used to
I think it’s downhill all the way

And when you see me on the buses
Please don’t offer me your seat
When you’re crunching on those apples
I’ll be sucking boiled sweets

Please don’t leave me by the seaside
Don’t shout as if my ears don’t work
Never let me pee my trousers
Don’t let me dribble down my shirt….


eLust 93 – We Made the Top Three!

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A dress to die for

Pushing Past



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Kink lite, Kink life


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The Contract

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SinfulSunday: Easter Bunny.

Technically, this isn’t the greatest photograph. Content-wise, it may even seem a little boring. But it has a story to tell and so, at least to Silverdrop and I, it is lovely.

This calendar is on our bedroom wall. We sometimes write things on it. Sometimes we use our supply of small stickers to mark what we consider special bedroom events.

Any guesses what they might be?

BTW, the pink fluffy thing is not a cropping error, it’s the corner of our pile of sex towels. What? Don’t you have them too?  😉


Our bunny is as happy as we were last night.


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Sinful Sunday

SinfulSunday: Masturbating in Public

On Wednesday, we had the very great pleasure of Honey.

I mean the very great pleasure of having Honey for lunch.

I mean the very great pleasure of having lunch with Honey.

See, I was so excited, it took me three attempts to get it in err, out right. I AM NOT in a silly mood!  😛

We saw the ‘Entangled’ exhibition at the Turner Contemporary – a world class attraction in a one-horse town.  🙂  There was a woman masturbating for the world to see. We loved this image, which is largely made up of threads.

Oh! Did the post title lead you to expect something else, you perverts?  😉

Don’t her fingers get entangled in all those threads?

PS. Silverdrop encouraged me to behave myself – with varying degrees of success.


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Sinful Sunday